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Privacy Policy
Uploaded Sept 14
Standards of Service
To be included in the Welcome Package for new researchers - updated October 2017
MEGA Terms and Conditions
updated 11/2/2020
Managing Lines using StuartWeb
Quickguide uploaded 17/7/17
StuartWeb Manual
StuartWeb 6 manual - part of the Welcome Package
Introduction to ABR
For the welcome package
Complaints Procedure
outlines the ABR CNC process
Setting Up Email Notifications for StuartWeb
Quickguide reviewed and uploaded 6/8/2020
Managing Breeding of Research Colonies using StuartWeb
Quickguide uploaded 1/8/19
Frequently Asked Questions about Breeding Mice
Quickguide 1/8/19
Ordering Services Using StuartWeb
Quickguide updated 1/12/20
Importing Live Mice Using StuartWeb
Updated December 2020
Destroy Frozen Line Form
ABR Refund Policy
ABR Refund Policy - uploaded 29/5/2020
Rederivation Requirements for Researchers
Updated 8/12/2020
Entering Genotypes using StuartWeb
Uploaded 17/8/2020
Methods for Identifying Mice at ABR
Earmarks and tail tattoos including earmarking chart