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Listed below are a few frequently asked questions and responses to them. If you have further queries, please contact us

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What is an ABR Partner?

These are biomedical research organisations that have committed to the long-term use of the ABR by signing a Services Agreement. All partners must be accredited to conduct animal based research. ABR partners receive a number of benefits, including a 15% discount on all prices. To become a partner, contact

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Is this the only facility of its kind?
While there are a number of laboratory animal facilities throughout Australia, ABR is unique in the shared nature of the facility and the focus on high tech solutions to support animal based research. Staff are specially trained in the care and breeding of genetically modified client strains.

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How do you care for the mice?

Animal welfare, ethical use of animals, staff welfare, and quality control systems are all highly regulated by various government agencies. We operate to the highest international standards in all these areas.

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Where can I find information about animal ethics?

For useful information about Australian legislation and guidelines, as well as links to many sites about the use of animals in medical research, go to

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Are there genetically modified animals in the facility?

Yes, there are genetically modified (GM) mice. Medical research today is proceeding at a much faster rate because of the availability of GM mice. Using modern genetics, we can now mimic human diseases and disease processes more closely, helping us understand the disease and potential treatments.

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What benefits / insights have been derived from research on mice?

Many medical advances, from antibiotics to transplant surgery, have been made possible by animal research. Examples of Garvan’s research using mouse models can be found at

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