Australian BioResources

Genetic Monitoring

Client Strains

The genotype of genetically modified mouse lines is monitored by researchers to ensure genetic quality.

Small pieces of tissue or small blood samples are collected by animal care staff. Researchers can choose to process and genotype these samples in their own laboratories or they can utilise Garvan’s Mouse Genotyping Service.

All samples are barcoded on collection and can be tracked throughout process. Results from Garvan’s Mouse Genotyping Service are automatically uploaded onto the animal management system, called Stuart.

Most genetically modified mouse lines are maintained on an inbred strain background to minimise genetic drift and variability in research.

Sales Strains

A number of strategies are used to ensure the genetic quality of Sales Strains

  • A suitable breeding strategy is used to ensure mice meeting international standards. In most cases this is done by use of a pedigree and traffic light expansion.
  • Colonies bred under the propagation agreement with The Jackson Laboratory are refreshed every 10 generations to minimise genetic drift.
  • Pedigree breeders from Sales Strains that carrying specific gene/s of interest are genotyped prior to mating.
  • Sales Strain colonies are monitored using SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) markers every 6 months.