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Animal Welfare

welfare of laboratory animals

// Animal Welfare

The welfare of laboratory animals is regulated under the NSW Animal Research Act (1985) and the care and use of laboratory animals is monitored by local Animal Ethics Committees (AECs).

All animal husbandry procedures carried out at the Australian BioResources facility have been approved by the Garvan and St Vincent’s AEC.

Animal welfare is monitored independently by inspections from the AEC and by external auditors.

ABR is committed to observing the cornerstones of animal welfare in research the 3 Rs of replacement, reduction and refinement.

See the NSW Government’s Welfare of animals in research and teaching webpage for more information.


As an inaugural signatory to the Openness Agreement on Animal Research and Teaching in Australia, Australian BioResources is committed to transparency in the use of animals for research.

Value of animal-based research

Research using animals has made, and continues to make, a vital contribution to the understanding, treatment and cure of a range of major 21st century health problems including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and mental illness.

While new methods have enabled scientists and medical researchers to reduce work involving animals, animal based research remains essential for further advances to be made.

Respect, Gratitude and Remembrance

Australian BioResources is a large breeding facility employing over 60 professional staff. All ABR staff are committed to providing the highest quality animal care.

While little experimental work is performed at the facility, we offer several world-class services, some of which will involve surgical procedures on animals. The staff performing this work are highly skilled and possess decades of experience working with animals. They are always looking for ways to further refine the high-quality work that they do.

We acknowledge and pay tribute to the research animals enduring contribution to advancement of science, medicine and health.

Supporting Research throughout Australia

Our dedicated and passionate technical staff work hard to supply high quality animals for medical research institutes and universities throughout Australia. Using animals in research allows for the advances in understanding, treating and developing cures for diseases that have a big impact on our families, our friends, and the whole of society.


An open resource supporting the community

We are delighted to support local wildlife organisations. Non-genetically modified mice which have been euthanised because they are excess to research requirements are donated to wildlife organisations, which provides a valuable food source for reptiles or birds of prey; helping injured wildlife recover, educating the public and in some cases helping endangered species survive.

We also support local schools, but not by providing euthanised mice. We share our high speed internet connection, we offer work experience placements, and we donate scientific reagents and lend equipment to schools for Science Week activities. 

Facility tours for groups from educational institutions, and even for the public, have been held and can be arranged on request. 

For further information please contact or call us on (02) 9295 8565